Re: [Circle] Hiding MOB without HIDE or INVIS

From: Derek L. Karnes (
Date: 11/18/96

Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:
> I'm trying to hide certain mobiles with the MOB_MOUNTED mob_flag from the
> list in the room, but to still be able to access the mobiles name etc...
> example:
> I mount the Horse,
> The horse dissapears,
> My position has changed to mounted showing "Joe is mounted on a horse."
> The horse itself dissapears from the list in the room,
> when I dismount,
> My position changes to standing "Joe is standing here."
> The horse reappears as "A horse is here." in the list in the room
> If anyone could help me on accomplishing this, it would be GREAT!

in act.informative.c, function list_one_char() check to see if
the char is a mount and mounted, or a rider. If he's a mount, don't show
him. If he's a rider tack on a "is mounted on %s",
GET_NAME(GET_MOUNT(ch)); line.
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