[Circle] [Off-topic] goodbye!

From: Bri - Circle List (palin-c@lance.ij.net)
Date: 11/20/96

Alright.. I try to consider myself a tolerant person, but... well, to put
it frankly, I went two days without checking this mailbox.

When I left it last:
[ Closing folder INBOX. Saving 37 messages. ]

I came on today:
[ INBOX folder opened with 209 messages ]

.....and, all but 2 or 3 of them were either questions or regarding
qquestions that could easily be solved by:

(1) checking the docs;
(2) playing with the code for a bit;
(3) checking the docs some more;
(4) reading manual pages;
(5) playing with the code for a little longer.

Please, people, a request to some of you: If you are serious about
implementing a MUD, try to take the initiative and learn C instead of
asking people for help constantly. When I started a MUD, I had no
knowledge of C at all, and was baffled... I taught myself by
hand-installing patches and reading the code, playing with it, seeing what
it did... of course, I had to start with stock at the end of my learning,
but I'd say I can at least code via trial and error now.

Also, a fantastic reference page on the WWW, containing many different
C/C++ tutorials... some geared toward Linux, UNIX, others to Win95,
Windows, DOS coding. It's all good.


So, best of luck with your experiences with CircleMUD! I will be staying
on the moderated list, and I hope it's all good too...

Don't take this message as a flame. Take it as some helpful advice. :)


** P.S. if you wanna reach me about this message or about whatever,
**      please e-mail palin@lance.ij.net instead of palin-c .. I
**      don't check this mailbox as often as it's just for Circle
**      mailing lists. :)

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