Re: [Circle] [Code] Mob_flagged from rnum

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 11/20/96

Eric de Groot wrote:
> *Sorry forgot the subject last time
> Hiya peoples-
>    I have come accross something that  has left me stumped.
> Im taking a random number in like number(1, top_of_mobt) or whatever.
> ok, now i want to make sure that the mob matching the winnign number
> isent mob_flagged mob_aggressive.
> My question is, how do i use MOB_FLAGGED(??, MOB_AGGR)) with
> just knowing the mob's rnum?

Quick Circle vocabulary primer:

   vnum = "virtual" number = a prototype's reference number.
          This number doesn't change, ever.
   rnum = "real" number = an index into the runtime tables.
          Because the runtime tables aren't sparse, the rnum
          bears no relation to the vnum.

The runtime table for mobiles is mob_proto[].

So to test a flag for mob_proto N (rnum, not vnum), use the expression:

   MOB_FLAGGED(mob_proto + N, ???)

BTW, if as I suspect you're doing a summon spell with a critfail
percentage, don't forget to check !SUMMON !RELOCATE etc flags.  For
extra fun, have the mobile get angry at the person who failed the
summon and start attacking him.

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