Re: [Circle] [bug??] Snoop circle

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/21/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, AxL wrote:

> > some of my fellow imm+s and I actually pulled off a complete snoop circle 
> > in which we caused an infinite loop of snooping....
> > it was fun and all, but I was wondering if it should be changed...
> > in case ya wanna know how it was done
> > IMP A: level 204
> > IMP B: level 204
> > GOD C: level 202
> > imp a snoops god c
> > imp b sets imp a level 203
> > imp b snoops imp a
> 	I would kill it off at this level.  I don't believe any of the muds 
> I was ever an immort on allowed you to snoop someone of an equal level.

If you read it through andunderstand it you will see he meant to snoop
always someone one or two levels below you, then, *when snooping*, change
that users level to implementor, since you are snooping him already no
errors would get back to you, then the new implementor set the old
implementor level down and then snoops back (could this work with just

It involved a lot of snooping and level setting... and obviously is not a
bug or anything, it has to be done on purpose, it would probably be
something done out of sheer boredom..:) Like putting your face between two
parallel mirrors... or when a tv program has a tv set tuned to that same

'moebius snooping'
'Perpetuum Snooping'
'Autofeeding snoop'


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