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From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 11/22/96

Hello all, 

I have modified the sacrifice code that was posted here to be able to
sacrifice other ehritems, and reward the characters with some toher stuff
(hit moves or mana based on random chance) etcetc, and its all working
great.  (I stole lots of code from other fuctions but hey, it works)

Here is my problem, I dont care if they sac a corpse, but i would like
to stop them from sacrificing a container of any type if it has something
in it, and i cant seem to find a clear example of this anywhere.
(tried to muddle through do put and do get and ended up in convulsions,
need a little more practice for those)  If some one could point me to a
more clear example, or tell me what little thing I am missing, I would be
most appriciative.  

Ghost Shaidan, 
Questionable Sanity, qs.iceworld.org 4000 ( 4000)

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