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From: Guilbault, Brian (AUBURNHILL!IRVINAH1!
Date: 11/22/96

>if (obj->contains)
> fprintf(stderr, "This object has something in it.");

I just posted something similar to this, but mine didn't make it to
the list yet because my routing is very slow. But I just thought of
soemthing else. If you use this code, then you won't be able to junk
corpses that have any gear in them. Even though you can't PUT gear
into a corpse, it is put there by the game when the corpse is created.
If you want to be able to junk a corpse with stuff in it, but not other
stuff with gear in it, you'll have to change that code to something
like this:

if (obj->contains && !GET_OBJ_VAL(obj, 3)) {

Because corpses are just containers with an obj value 3 eqaul to 1.
Sorry to leave that out before.


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