Re: [Circle] [spells][no saving throw]

From: Chris Lore (lore@UDel.Edu)
Date: 11/25/96

invincibill wrote:
> i have been tinkering with making it so that if a char looks at an imp
> they go blind.  my first attempt was to just set the affect bit and
> manually make them blind.  this had serious drawbacks.  i couldnt
> unblind them.  the unblind spell didnt work.  no prob..find how the
> blind spell is set up, and cast it manually everytime somebody looks at
> the imp.  only they get a saving throw.  i cant find how to invoke the
> spell, not provide a saving throw and still be able to unblind them
> short of setting their saving throws to 21 prior to the spell and
> setting them back to the original after the spell has been cast.  does
> anybody have any pointers on this?
> additionally, i have noticed that the stat command lists everybody's
> saving throws as 0/0/0/0/0.  is this just my mud or are there others?  I believe this line only lists the modifiers to there savings throws, ie eq that modifies there saving throws etc would be listed hear according to what bonuses and what type of throw it is.
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