[Circle] [OFFTOPIC] Opinions about future releases for Circle.

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/25/96

G'Day all,
	  I was just thinking about some stuff after reading lots of posts over
the last few weeks.
I think it's REALLY GOOD how Jeremy doesn't put races and other stuff in
the stock code. I've been spending hours (nearly a a few days) trying to
debug something really simple. Now i know it's prolly just a few lines, but
I've figured SO much out about the code now. I'm still a bad coder, but I
now have a more clearer understanding of the code, so now that I want to
add / modify different things, I can feal more confident with what and
where I'm going to do those things.

So I reakon the in future, the future releases of the circle code should
have some really important things missing (like races and classes like the
current stock versions) so newbie coders (like me) can get a good feel of
the code AND good C practice. Of course, documentation is very very
helpful, (which is there now) but i think little things like that help us
in the long run. It's too ofter I read people asking (basically) ... "Give
me your code please" or at least something along those lines. In the end,
those people who ask for answers without understanding HOW, WHERE and WHY
loose out ... becuase one day, they will be alone...

Just my Opinion. Well Done Jeremy and all those helping. =) Keep it up all

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