[Circle] Mobiles + EXP

From: Bruce, Ray, Phil (bherbert@ns.technonet.com)
Date: 11/25/96

Hey All,
	I'm done with all my coding, and I'm starting to create monsters and items
etc. But I've come accross something with building and having people go
through the areas and seeing if they are balanced properly.

How do you set how much EXP a person can get from a mob?? If I set the
MOB's EXP to 1000, any level seems to get around 333 exp points... And the
level doesn't seem to make a difference...

How come a level 1 character with low level EQ can get 333 points from a
little twig and a level 20 character with low level EQ ASLO gets 333??? I
dont get it!

Can someone enlighten me on how to set the proper stats on a mob so that a
level 1 character will get around 333 and a level 20 will get almost NONE.


	      *Frostiana*  ALPHA
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