[Circle] Major BUG!

From: Bruce, Ray, Phil (bherbert@ns.technonet.com)
Date: 11/25/96

I've got a BIG problem, and I hope that SOMEONE has gone through this

I had just finished coding the major things in my MUD and I decided to give
a New character a try, and actually play it! Well, EVERYTHING was just fine
until I tried to cast a spell, then Everything STOPS, no error messages, no
more activity and NOONE can log in, its frozen completely. The computer
still runs though. SO I redid EVERYTHING from scratch and retyped all my
modifications on a newly extracted stock version. And spells Worked fine,
everything worked. My options and my spells.

After playing for a day, I cast a spell, it was heal, and it was FROZEN
again... and it keeps happening EVERYTIME any character casts a spell, and
it only does it for the CAST command..

Does ANYONE have any idea why this is happening? I really need to fix this
once in for all... I've tried to go over all the DO_CAST stuff, but I
haven't even modified that, I've barely touched SPELLS.h SPELLS.C
SPELL_PARSER.C I've only added 3 skills and 1 spell, and I know I did it
Even if I erase those and replace them with STOCK files, recompile, and go,
it still doesn't work...

THere is nothing wrong with the code, since I played the game casting
spells ALL DAY, and then suddenly it stops... Is there something happening
that I dont see???

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

	      *Frostiana*  ALPHA
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