Re: [help] Installing MobProgs (For the First Time!)

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/03/97

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Mud Administration wrote:

> Hello Everyone....
> I hate to be doing this since I Know most of ya'll dont like answering it 
> but, I have to cause I really need Help....
> I dont know whether MobProgs forgot to do something, BUT I added MobProgs 
> Patch (Had a Bunch of failings, but added all failings in their 
> respective spots) and NOW its pulling up error's in "mobcmd.c" from 
> the includes of "structs.h" and "comm.h"...  I will post some of the 
> errors But all the rest can be taken off the list.  I just want to know 
> who is willing to help me...  Here is the Capture :

Hrrmmm, myself and many others have been answering this question 
since CircleMUD changed to use 'configure' (pl10?)...  Here it
goes again:

At the start of mobcmd.c remove all the "#include <xxxx.h>" lines
(only the one with greater-than/less-than encapsulation [<>], NOT
any surrounded by quotes [""]).  Afterwards, include the two newer
CircleMUD headers "conf.h" and "sysdep.h":

  #include "conf.h"
  #include "sysdep.h"


Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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