[Coding] Levels / THAC0 and MAX_LEARNED

From: Robert Ward (datman@soupweb.com)
Date: 01/03/97

Hey gang,

I've got two questions today.

1)  Is there anyway to implement THAC0's of less than 1 in class.c?
I've read building.doc and it mentions THAC0 bottoming out at 0 but
browsing through the stock code I see that for pc's it seems to stop
at 1.  What I'd like to do is add some -x for the higher level warrior

2)  My next question is concerning MAX_LEARNED in class.c.  I'm looking
for a way to base the max learned level on class and the particular 
skill.  I don't think that a cleric who can learn second attack should
be able to get Subperb while a Fighter with the same skill can only get
to good.

Any pointers would be very appreciated.

Robert Ward
Aimnet Network Operations Center

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