Re: [Coding] Levels / THAC0 and MAX_LEARNED

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 01/05/97

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Robert Ward wrote:

> Hey gang,
> I've got two questions today.
> 1)  Is there anyway to implement THAC0's of less than 1 in class.c?
> I've read building.doc and it mentions THAC0 bottoming out at 0 but
> browsing through the stock code I see that for pc's it seems to stop
> at 1.  What I'd like to do is add some -x for the higher level warrior
> classes.

Just change that array in class.c too whatever values you want, we have
200 levels and warriros get down to -20 Thac0, no problems so far.

> 2)  My next question is concerning MAX_LEARNED in class.c.  I'm looking
> for a way to base the max learned level on class and the particular 
> skill.  I don't think that a cleric who can learn second attack should
> be able to get Subperb while a Fighter with the same skill can only get
> to good.

I have been working on this one myself, being a newbie coder, I would have
to say that modifying the do_orac (do_practice?) prolly in act.other.c
(onthave my code in front of me) to do some class checking, also, you can
change the max learned for all classes to 95 this will allow all classes
to learn skills to the same level (why a warrior can learn the skills ofg
his trade as well as a clserc canlearn the skills of thier i dont know) 

Hope this helps and wsnt too much of a babble

Ghost Shaidan, Questionable Sanity 4000
> Any pointers would be very appreciated. > 
> Robert Ward
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