Re: mobprogs

From: David Klasinc (
Date: 01/05/97

MUD Administrator wrote:
> Hi..I am having a little problem with the mobprogs patch.  Before you delete
> this mail its not the problem with sysdep.h and conf.h.
> I have tried to download the patch a few times, and all appears well...when I
> try to patch it though, I get the following error:
> patch: **** replacement text or line numbers mangled in hunk at line 24
> Line 24 looks fairly normal to me..there is nothing out of teh ordinary.  My
> question, or rather request, was if anyone knows of a good patch out there, could
> you send it my way, or point me in the right direction?

 I fetched mobprogs patch for circle 3.0 from circle homesite and after
patching code and fixing .rej files it worked alright... Well It
compiled alright ;> I still can't get this act_prog to work.... :I

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