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Date: 01/30/97

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If i may add AcidDraw is another very good prg. Somewhat similiar to the
draw. if you dont like the draw thats another alternative :)

Having never used AcidDraw I cannot comment on it...

> This is really an excellent ANSI editor for DOS. It can do ANSI emulation.. I played
> with it a bit for the mud as a diversion.. kinda fun :-)

Actually this was a typo.. or just a lost thought maybe.. In saying 'emulation' I meant
animation. I remember using the heck out of it [Thedraw] to create animated sequences
for my BBS. I created one for each door, and had the other usual ones.. Was good fun..
I think that lost at could be revived in muds.. I'd love to be able to send an ansi animation
lasting maybe five seconds when a player dies.. Like an animation of someone falling to
their death, etc.. Just a little touch.. but those are the ones that make the whole
something more than it's parts. 

As far as implementing that goes, you need a way to stream the chars at the player fairly 
effectively.. The bbs had the advantage of lagless operation excepting line noise, and the
full attention of the processor.


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