Re: [coding] Method of tracking skill usage.

From: Mental (
Date: 01/30/97

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Walter Goodwin wrote:

> Been a while since I've been on this list :)   In my drive
> to push my mud towards a skill based system, I came up with
> the idea (okay, I saw someone talking about it :) about skills
> degrading with disuse.  My problem is, I can't seem to come up
> with a memory efficient way to do this.  Also, I'm not sure
> how often this should be checked, I was thinking of adding
> a "PULSE_SKILL_DISUSE" that cycled through the online characters,
> and incremented and checked a counter for each skill, of course,
> this would increase the overhead on characters quite a bit,
> (I'm dreading adding yet another 300 element array.)   I more
> or less wanted to hear from anyone else who has done something like
> this, and came up with something better.  I don't need any actual
> code, just a general idea :) 
> Jason Goodwin
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Um, I'm c illiterate, but wouldn't you just need to put a reference in 
the playerfiles as to the last time a skill was used, and some code that 
downgrades the skill level accordingly every hour that player is 
connected without using that skill.  Maybe add some more code that allows 
the player to get better as he uses the skill (this code has been done. 
I've seen it before)
Just 2 cents from a pure building Imp. 4000   Unnamed Mud

P.S.  We're really in need of a good coder.  If there is anyone out there 
that is capable and without a mud.  Please contact us.  I'll set up a 
meeting between you and the other imps on the mud and we'll see if you're 
the guy we need.

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