[CODE] Unique Guildmasters on a per class spiel

From: pjh (wart@trilidun.kuntrynet.com)
Date: 02/05/97

I am not much of one who has studied all the philosophies behind memory
usage and efficiency in code.  Pretty much if it works I smile.  But when
i thinking about coding in 'class_switching' in which it checks for what
class the guildmaster is a part of (or master to) in a routine I got
stumped and in my ever-vescent ability have decided that making 8
seperated SPECIAL(guild_thief) SPECIAL(guild_fighter) etc masters is the
easiest and most obvious way of doing this.  BUttttttt it doesn't seem to
be the most efficient.  Any ideas on a superior way of doing it?  I just
simply want it so that the guildmaster will check to see what class_type
that it is.  Thanks for any help. Preciate it.


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