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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/06/97

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Ryan Linn wrote:

> > a wait state will NOT STOP a good player.  let them get a few levels
> > normally...set your wimpy to 50% (max) and go backstab a mob, the first
> > attack of that mob, will cause you to flee, NO MATTER THE COMBAT DELAY!
> > the delay will kick in AFTER you flee, so this isnt the answer.

> Well, if you are giving a midbie to a highbe wimpy then there is 
> something wrong with that.  Once the person is no longer a newbie (you 
> decide that level) they should be experienced enough not to have to use 
> wimpy unless they are working around the system.  I gave level 
> restriction to this on my system, and I haven't had any complaints.  This 
> method of hitting and running can apply to everything... if you set your 
> wimpy at 90% can be used with any skill/spell, and in my opinion is a bug. 

Stock circle maxes wimpy at 50%, that is why i picked that figure, and
wimpy is a feature that has saved many of my characters buts on many
different muds of all levels, because i am afk, or lagging, or just not
paying attention to my hitpoints, imho, this isnt a command that hsould be
limited to a certain level becuase everyone should be able to set a figure
that they autoflee at.. of course experience point loss for fleeing is
another matter.
> > If you dont think the aware bit should be set works, make a new flag
> > SEMI_AWARE and give the mob a % chance per level difference or something,
> > or just modify thenormal aware flag to do this, that will give high level
> > thieves the ability to knock out lower level mobs (like they probably
> > should be able to) and give lower level punk thieves a smack in the face
> > when the higher level mobs notice them.

> This will not stop the problem of backstabing and fleeing, it will stop 
> the initial backstab, and possibly all attempts there after.  Plus, if 
> you used the aware flag, you would have to set it after initial backstab, 
> and if anyone else came along after you tried to kill it then that person 
> wouldn't be able to backstab it either, no matter how high level or 
> whatever.  If you used the AWARE or SEMI_AWARE flags for a mob, and you 
> wanted them set at the start, then you would have to flag every mob that 
> you didn't want to be re-backstabable, and if you want your entire mud 
> that way it would be a pain.  But... that's just my $.02.

Why wont it stop stabbing and fleeing?  It has on my mud, and setting the
aware flag after the initial backstab is the whole point.  If someone
sticks a dagger in my back, and doesnt kill me right off, I am going to
make DAMNED sure that noone is gettign close to my back again.  I don't
care if its the last guy who did it or not.  If you set the aware flag
after the initial backstab, they would get one attack in, flee, and then
come back for a second, they try and miss, and then flee, it doesnt hurt
the mob, and they dont get any exp for it.

The semi aware flag was just a suggestion to try to code in the
possibility that a backstabber of the highest levels may very well know
tricks that someone of a lower level might not and be able to sneak around
behind them no matter what that other person can do.  

If you want to make backstab more level orientated, change the do_backstab
function to be a level check instead of the flag.  It would probably be
easier, but thought perhaps he might not want that to affect any pk that
may happen on his mud, or make it pertain to mobs that hadnt been already

Ghost Shaidan ?able Sanity, 4000

P.S. stop by and find me (evenings nites and mornings) and I will show you
how it works if what i am describing isnt too coherent (many hours without
sleep will do that to ya)

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