Re: Objects in OasisOLC

From: Mike Levine (
Date: 02/13/97

Rick Ballard wrote:
> ARRRGH! Is there a bug in OasisOLC that prevents object saving? IT's
> REALLY ANNOYING! I save the object when it's created, then type oedit
> save <zonenum>, but when a crash occurs, all objects that are created by
> OasisOLC are GoNe! Someone HELP ME! Thanx.

Hey Rick

Don't's most likely you have not added the zone to the
index (eg., 12.zon). Stock Circle is missing this zone in it's 
default index or if you have created a new zone it needs to be
added to the index.

The index is located in your lib/world/zon path. If you open it
up you will most likely see that zone <your_zone>.zon needs to be

Hope that helps you....
Mike - IMP Pulsar Mud
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