Re: <Makin' code>

From: Matthew Petty (
Date: 02/13/97

> This is my opinion of a practical command (you can decide what you think
> about it).  You make a command that will put you in a world creation mode,
> something like: wlkzon <zone number>
> <zone number> will probably have to be a zone empty of rooms.
> You stand in the zone and enter the command.  You then walk a path where
> you want rooms and then you enter the command again to end.  It will the
> write rooms with vnums and directions made and you just have to go in and
> fill in the details like descriptions and the like.
> If you didn't understand a word I said email me and I'll try to explain it
> better.
THere would be some problems on this like how would you create
mazes or make it so that you go west then go east and you aint
in the same room...if you set it up like the automapper on zmud
tho, that would be a VERY nice building tool.

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