Re: [Code] New AFK command

From: Gene Harrison (
Date: 02/16/97

> Opinions, opinions. But, Oasis is menu based. Improved_edit changes
> the text editor so you can replace text, etc. If I'm not mistaken,
> it doesn't work very well with Obuild (and in general).
> Oasis and Obuild are designed for two seperate reasons. Oasis was
> built for ease of use, Obuild for power and speed. Both do good jobs
> at what they were designed to do, although Obuild is still supported
> by it's author; one reason why Oasis hasn't changed and still has a
> number of crash bugs. Oasis wasn't completed, yet, but then, things
> with muds rarely ever are.

 Well, theres a patch on the FTP site dated December i think that i used
with Oasis and it took out 99% of the bugs.. Only problems I have with it
as of now is the ZEDIT NEW command and thats it.. Its rather nice since it
can tell where changes were made in your structs file and adapts to it..
Just a matter of changing a # in the olc.h file.. For the person who wants
ease of use it can't be beat.. There are some commands floating about
designed for OasisOLC that have been posted in here that are command
line driven that gives you the power to create quickly yet still maintain
superior editing flexibility with the menus.. Just my 2 cents.. :)

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