Re: [Off Topic] My Ideas

From: claywar (claywar@CETLink.Net)
Date: 02/18/97

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, AxL wrote:

> 	Ugh.  Probably off-topic, but it could apply to anyone who has
> coded specific DnD things like that.  I used to be a regular on the 
> a few years back, and at the time TSR went postal 
> trying to shutdown all the FTP sites that contained ANY reference to it's
> products....even the works that were done by regular people and were 
> completely original, but could be used in a DnD setting. 
> 	I wouldn't be suprised if they went after the mud scene next.

They may, though I don't believe they'd be too successful.  An FTP someone
can search fairly easily, but with MUDs they'd have to actually take time
to explore each area looking for any mob/item/area that resembled some t$r
related work, and frankly I don't think they'd be willing to waste too
much time doing that.

cw! (another .02)

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