Re: Small Note.

From: Erik Bennett (
Date: 02/18/97

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> Look man,
>    I'm not sure what all the hell is about flaming. But I don't think
> you've played enough MUDs... I can give you a good site to get a start.
> It's called EuropaMUD, Play for awile.
> LEARN TO READ A README file. Learn more about MUDs in general. Then
> E-Mail the list, and I'll be glad to help ya get started. 

Yes, I have played MUDS just about my from age 12 to right now (5 years)
and I know alot about playing them.  I am currrently a player of Toril. 
Toril's the only mud I play at.  I like to build sometimes.  I just want a
Win95 Circle Mud for me to build on for fun.  No telnet in just for me and
my friends that come over.  If you want to give me help on that, please do.

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