[Code]Auto-equip Snippet

From: Andy Hubbard (hub@leicester.ac.uk)
Date: 02/20/97


 I've tried to use the new patch for autequip.  It seems that now the 
equiped characters do not load into the relevant start room on logon.
 Before they did but there was a bug if immorts went to the immort 
start room!
 It seems that when a char quits the mud the room is saved and that 
is where they are loaded into, (connection has to be closed, just 
save+quit and hitting 1 loads to mortal_load_room).  The same 
applies to char death, when a char dies then he/she is loaded to the 
room where the last save+quit took place, not the mort_start_room.
 Anyway, it was better before the latest patch, just had to ask 
immorts not to have equiped items :)  Except that whenever rooms are 
added the RNum of the mortal_start_room changes so have to change the 
relevant line in objsave.c (the one that was taken out in the latest 

 But can it be fixed??

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