Re: [Code]Auto-equip Snippet

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 02/20/97

>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Hubbard <> writes:

 Andy> Hi, I've tried to use the new patch for autequip.  It seems
 Andy> that now the equiped characters do not load into the relevant
 Andy> start room on logon. Before they did but there was a bug if
 Andy> immorts went to the immort start room!

That's strange. I just tried the patch (again) with an unmodified pl11
and it seems to work ok.

 Andy> It seems that when a char quits the mud the room is saved and
 Andy> that is where they are loaded into, (connection has to be
 Andy> closed, just save+quit and hitting 1 loads to
 Andy> mortal_load_room).

But that's neither standard Circle nor does the autoeq patch change
that (as far as I know).

 Andy>  But can it be fixed??

Sorry, no clue so far.

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