Re: Ideas on Death

From: Doppleganger Software (
Date: 02/20/97

>Ok, here's a good discussion thread to start...has anyone changed the 
>way death works (something other then *BANG*, you're DEAD!) like 
>making the player into a "ghost" or adding some text flavor to make 
>death more interesting?  Ideas, ne1?

Let's see....this idea I had a while back, and still may implement.  
After a person dies, they die as usual, creating a corpse.  If they don't 
retrieve the body by the time it 'decays' a grave daemon will come and 
take the corpse away, walking slowly, to a 'nearby portal' that it will 
create.  This portal leads to an eternal funeral pyre, where no corpses 
can decay.  Then, it would require an immortal to get the corpse, which 
would require that the player do some sort of a quest.

Another idea I heard (Samedi's I believe) is that when you die, you 
become a spirit, and you have to 'pray' by your corpse to 're-enter' it, 
or something like that.

One idea I was working on for vampires on my MUD is that when they die, 
they become gaseous form (all eq drops) and then they can only reform in 
a crypt, and at night.  It would be similar to ghosts, except that you 
could see the player as a gaseous cloud.

For a while, I had grave daemons implemented so that they take the corpse 
of pkilled players to avoid the chance of player looting.  That was 
scrapped for a variety of reasons.

If anyone can think up some good ideas for death, I would love to hear 
them too.  I need a bit more flavour on my MUD.
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