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From: Dan Shiovitz (
Date: 02/20/97

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Doppleganger Software wrote:
> >Ok, here's a good discussion thread to start...has anyone changed the 
> >way death works (something other then *BANG*, you're DEAD!) like 
> >making the player into a "ghost" or adding some text flavor to make 
> >death more interesting?  Ideas, ne1?
> Let's see....this idea I had a while back, and still may implement.  
> After a person dies, they die as usual, creating a corpse.  If they don't 
> retrieve the body by the time it 'decays' a grave daemon will come and 
> take the corpse away, walking slowly, to a 'nearby portal' that it will 
> create.  This portal leads to an eternal funeral pyre, where no corpses 
> can decay.  Then, it would require an immortal to get the corpse, which 
> would require that the player do some sort of a quest.
[good ideas deleted]
> If anyone can think up some good ideas for death, I would love to hear 
> them too.  I need a bit more flavour on my MUD.

How about making alignment play a role? (gasp)  If you're good, you go
to heaven, and you can hang out for a while or retire your character
or solve some sort of puzzle to get back to the mortal world (with
some loss of exp, of course).  If you're evil, flaming red demons leap
out of a portal and drag you away to hell, where you have to fight
your way out bare-handed and every hit by a hell monster drains
experience points.  That'd certainly provide an incentive to stay
good, even if the best eq is all anti-good, anti-neutral.

dan shiovitz
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