Re: Ideas on Death
Date: 02/21/97

Hi there

-Monster Snip-
> How about making alignment play a role? (gasp)  If you're good, you go
> to heaven, and you can hang out for a while or retire your character
> or solve some sort of puzzle to get back to the mortal world (with
> some loss of exp, of course).  If you're evil, flaming red demons leap
> out of a portal and drag you away to hell, where you have to fight
> your way out bare-handed and every hit by a hell monster drains
> experience points.  That'd certainly provide an incentive to stay
> good, even if the best eq is all anti-good, anti-neutral.

*ponder* Why stay good??? you realize how hard it is to stay good. 
Take an example, You kill something, what are you?? Evil.. Okay, you 
can justify it by making it a crusade, that still doesn't change the 
fact that you're evil. IF! you were to be good, then as I see it you 
would never kill anything. But merely help people. Killing is an evil 
act. Of course there's also something that goes away from this : 
Mercy-Killing, the person is suffering beyond any help, and therefore 
you have to put the person to sleep. (*eek* This is beginning to 
sound moralizing.. *ydrk*)

Well, To make this letter still be in the thread :))

I saw this on a mud once, never thought about imping it, but I like 
the idea anyway. Story goes, when you die, you *DIE* no coming back. 
Just like in real life.  This of course means that the mud will be 
terribly hard, and that might be the reason why they set the levels 
down to 10. 

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