[Code] Proficiency

From: Brian Michael Langenfeld (00206205@bigred.unl.edu)
Date: 02/21/97

G'day all..

   After some time in the code stacks, I've added in all the necessary 
stuff for player proficiencies.  PROF_CLIMBING is no problem, but I have 
two questions relating to non-movement related profs.

   1)  The proficiency 'blindfighting' is supposed to negate the effects
of AFF_BLIND.. but only during combat.  I seem to be having trouble 
finding where to put the checks in fight.c to affect hitroll and AC 
accordingly.  This is the check I've got:


Would it be proper for the next line to be

   ch->points.hitroll += 4;
   ch->points.armor -= 40;


   GET_HITROLL(ch) += 4;
   GET_ARMOR(ch) -= 40;

?  I've tried it both ways, and both seem to work, as far as affecting 
these fields goes.  Or is there a better way to do this?

   2)  Where exactly in fight.c am I supposed to put these checks, so 
that AFF_BLIND's affects are negated at combat's initiation and are 
reinstated at the end (flee, kill, or otherwise)?  I've tried lots of 
places, but one variation didn't do anything, while the other fifty 
variations resulted in a +4 hitroll and a -40 AC each _round_ of combat.. 
and when combat was ended, the hitroll and AC didn't return to the 
regular AFF_BLIND levels.  Hmm.

   This is probably something very simple, but please bear with me here, 
as this is one of my first attempts at semi-original code.  I _am_ 
getting better at it. :)

Thanks in advance and stuff.


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