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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/21/97

>    .
>    .
>    .
> Would it be proper for the next line to be
>    ch->points.hitroll += 4;
>    ch->points.armor -= 40;
> or
>    GET_HITROLL(ch) += 4;
>    GET_ARMOR(ch) -= 40;

These BOTH do the same thing, but they will permanently affect the chars
hitroll.  what you need to do is affect the equation they are used in
i think the var is calc_thaco, this will make sure they arent getting +4
every thime it calls it..our fight.c has all sorts of mods to it, but
search for hitroll brought me right to it the first time.

> ?  I've tried it both ways, and both seem to work, as far as affecting 
> these fields goes.  Or is there a better way to do this?
>    2)  Where exactly in fight.c am I supposed to put these checks, so 
> that AFF_BLIND's affects are negated at combat's initiation and are 
> reinstated at the end (flee, kill, or otherwise)?  I've tried lots of 
> places, but one variation didn't do anything, while the other fifty 
> variations resulted in a +4 hitroll and a -40 AC each _round_ of combat.. 
> and when combat was ended, the hitroll and AC didn't return to the 
> regular AFF_BLIND levels.  Hmm.
Since cacl_thaco (to the best of my knowledge) is refigured everytime
do_hit is called, this should work best for you.

Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, 4000

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