Date: 02/22/97

I've lurked <for lack of a better term> this list for months,
and I've listened to some excellent ideas, and I've used them as well.
But, I've also played MUDS extensively.  People like to be unique.  One
that I played, commercial MUD allowed a person to commision armor and
equipment that was unique(within constraints). You could for example
have made rainbow armor with a red helm of adamite.  This equipment
would always show in your description.   I haven't heard of a patch or
such that allows this.  Or am I just ignoring the obvious?  In the MUD I
refer to you could buy or have made, armor, helms, dresses, shirts,
nearly anything you could wear as well as almost any armorment, swords,
shields, etc...

I've seen what is referred to as monogramming, but not the creation of
items.  Item creation usually took several game days to accomplish.
Does something like this exist for circle MUD?
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