[Code] [Request] Race snippit (sorry about the redundancy)

From: Eric Pilcher (epilcher@digital.digiforest.com)
Date: 02/27/97

Okay, I believe I already saw the fix for this, but silly me,
didn't bother to save it.  Heck with 40+ messages a day,
there isn't much I do save.

Races patch is in.  Compiler is gcc, running on Linux 2.0.28.

Here's the error:
In file included from races.c:9:
sysdep.h:199: conflicting types for 'srandom'
/usr/include/stdlib.h:208: previous declaration of 'srandom'
sysdep.h:200: conflicting types for 'random'
/usr/include/stdlib.h:206: previous declaration of 'random'

Like I say, I know this one has probably been answered before,
and thus, appologize.

Which brings me to a general point.  It would be a good idea
snippit fixes were made available along with the snippits
themselves.  I realize that it may mean extra work, and in
some cases, has probably been done already.  However,
if done more often, it would hopefully lead to less
redundancy in posts to this list.

Thank you in advance,
-Eric Pilcher
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