Re: [Code] Idents

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 07/15/97

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Anonymous wrote:

> Hmm, Then what would you have to do to add an toggle option, like the
> slown command, to auto-reject people with bad ident servers, much like
> Efnet IRC servers do. Give them a message telling them why they have been
> rejected, and an address to email...oh, and that would have to lead to
> another option, to let hosts, with a * format, get past ident,
> without checking it, and let it right in.  Damn, am I making this more
> complex then need be? Maybe, but for a mud like mine, with a very strong
> No Multi-Play rule, and enforcement, Its needed. Only one problem, noone
> is a really good coder, so I may as well pose the question to you. ;)

You may lose a lot of potential players who use windows and don't feel
it's worth finding and installing an ident server just to see if your mud
is worth the effort.


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