Re[2]: [Code] Idents

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/15/97

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997 08:36:18 -0500
Sammy <samedi@DHC.NET> wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Anonymous wrote:
> > Hmm, Then what would you have to do to add an toggle option, like the
> > slown command, to auto-reject people with bad ident servers, much like
> > Efnet IRC servers do. Give them a message telling them why they have been
> > rejected, and an address to email...oh, and that would have to lead to
> > another option, to let hosts, with a * format, get past ident,
> > without checking it, and let it right in.  Damn, am I making this more
> > complex then need be? Maybe, but for a mud like mine, with a very strong
> > No Multi-Play rule, and enforcement, Its needed. Only one problem, noone
> > is a really good coder, so I may as well pose the question to you. ;)
> You may lose a lot of potential players who use windows and don't feel
> it's worth finding and installing an ident server just to see if your mud
> is worth the effort.
Not to mention those who have no idea what ident is, and couldn't be
bothered to find out; under any circumstances. And surprisingly, quite
a few good mudders know little about computers, and have no desire to
know much more than power switch location and login procedure; and help
desk phone number *grin*

So.. In the interest of administration, how about this:

1) Accept any/all ident info provided

2) Accept an email (if the player is willing to give it)

For those who fail both tests above, look closer at their addresses when
they login, as those are the ones who will be your multi-players.



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