Re: Dynamic Zones

From: Robert Erica (rcerica@CS.RUU.NL)
Date: 07/15/97

At 16:03 15-07-97 +0200, David Klasinc wrote:
-->On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Jay wrote:
-->> Hi all,
-->> I'm curious about whether anyone has ever tried anything with
-->> dynamic or moving zones... such as a pirate ship which sails
-->> the seas and moves like a wandering mob
-->How about like this:
--> You create a zone which is called ocean.
--> You create a zone which is called Pirate Ship.
--> You create a mob which is called Pirate ship.
--> You write a special for a mob that reacts on "board" "enter" and such...
--> And all that it does that teleports you on the pirate ship... Then you
--> make a special on the pirate ship zone that will teleport you back to the
--> ocean... And that's it....
--> All you have to do is then to make mob move around the sea...
--> And there you have nifty ship floating around... ;>

and then we do this:
> kill ship (or kick ship, or backstab ship :)

and we have a ship fighting with bare hands (or with a sword, if you equip it)
to let it work you first have to implement naval guns, or something like that.

still it COULD be a solution...

Ghent, Coder @ DiamondMud ( 4000 || 4000)

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