Re: [IDEA]Artifacts

Date: 07/16/97

> From: Co-Sysop <dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM>
> spell (but first make it fail to cast the spell every once in a while so
> not too powerful because then everyone would be using a weapon that casts
> spells and no one would want the normal weapons anymore).  Confused?  let
> simplificy things a bit...  make spec_proc cast fireball.  there.  but
> can do this a different way and change everything in the mud just to make
> work.  or maybe you have a much better idea.

I think one of the issues that come out in a situation like this is
How to balance these new-fangled fire-blasting, etc. weapons...  I have a
few ideas for this.

1.  Make the spells undependable.  i.e. fail sometimes.
2.  Attach the action to a command like use.  Manual operation will slow
down usage and require attention.
3.  For really powerful weapons like a flame-sword, roll a random number
and have the weapon attack its user every once in a while.  Perhaps with
not as much force though.  Give the user a price for their profit.  If you
were swinging around a flame sword in a fight, wouldn't there be a chance
you might accidentally bring the sword next to your body and burn yourself?
4.  Almost the same as #3.  When the enemy hits you, there's a chance that
your weapon is beat against you and damaging you.


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