Re: [code] Copyover - preliminary Circle port (WAS: Building ports revisited)

From: Dan Stagner (Admin) (dans@GOLIATH.MERSINET.CO.UK)
Date: 07/16/97

After installing the lil patch I had to do some bug hunting and I found
one and fixed it (and mailed erwin about it) here's the fix: :)

in the line where there's:

execl(EXE_FILE, "CircleMUD", buf, buf2, (char *) NULL);

change it to:

execl(EXE_FILE, "CircleMUD", buf2, buf, (char *) NULL);

it seems putting the port before the -C argument makes the mud miss it.

After much tracking and checking various things. looking at the parameter
line is what gave me the hint:

Usage: %s [-c] [-m] [-q] [-r] [-s] [-d pathname] [port #] <- LAST
parameter and apparently my hunch was right. anyhow. Thanks Erwin. the
code works great :) (esp now that it _works_).


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