Re: Spells affecting mobs or objects...

From: Wes Fonvergne (rogerdf@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 07/17/97

>Enough of this already.
>If you don't want people posting questions to the list, don't answer
>them. Don't send a reply which has no meaning in context and abuse them
>for not reading the code.

        Yes, but that is a question that could easily have been answered far
better than we could by just reading the code. It's not complicated, and if
you can't read even that part of the code, you shouldn't be coding.


Can someone help me with creating a moving vehicle (a ship in particular),
that takes up a specified number of game ticks to get to it's destination?
So I can make it take 3 game-days to get somewhere, etc...
(I hope this isn't a RTFC question... *grin*)


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