Re: Players IP Addresses

From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 07/17/97

> G'Day All.
>     one of my players has an IP address of
> Now, a mate of his logged on with the same IP address. Is there ANY
> way of determining that they are different people?
> It will happen for most universities (the only example i can think of
> right now).
> Any suggesstions? Becuase i would like to make sure that only ONE
> person logs on one character at any one time (ie. not multiplaying).

Hmm, as it happens, aurora is a server at the uni I attend (that's an
edu, not a com in the addy ;-) ). Actually, mudding is not allowed from
it, but anyway.

I've seen code on a few muds that gets the username when you log in, and
sends the player a message: "Last logged in as cjpro1 from"
etc, I hear there's a patch out for it??

When i get round to it I'm just going to require the player to type in an
email address for their character. Easily checkable by mailing out to all
the players occasionally.

Of course, there are ways around it, but then if anyone has multiple hosts
they can mud from, and plenty do, even if you can get their username it
likely won't help a great deal.

RE: Australian mudders.
Yep, lots of people use a common address, internet access can be pretty
dear. I have 4 people using one of my accounts to mud from, for example.

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