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From: Eduo - Tempus Fugit Pseudo Admin (mud@SPARC.CIATEQ.CONACYT.MX)
Date: 07/24/97

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> > > Is there any code out there to delete an object / room / mob?
> > > If so, this would be extremely useful...
> > Before some short sighted dork makes the comment, I am sure Chris refers
> > to deleting the obj/mob/room from the world files (using OLC, I
> > believe)... I have been looking for this myself, but I manage to garble
> > all the indexes with every approach I try.
> How about just creating a flag for it.. ITEM_DELETED. Then setup the olc
> save_to_disk routines to skip objs with that flag. Simple and works well.
> Even provides "Oops. I pressed the wrong button" protection, at least
> until reboot/crash :-)

Sometimes the simplest is oversighted, I had not thought of this and is
actually simpler... I will see if I can do it..;)

> > Also, I was wondering, what's the easiest way to make Oasis display a menu
> > for lower level builders, where they pick the level of the mob they want
> > to create (from a list similar to the one in building.doc) and then they
> > can only change some of the fields (name, keywords, etc) and not those
> > values. This way newer builders can't create unbalanced mobs (could be
> > used for weapons too)..
> Interesting. I hadnt' thought through mob templates enough to see a need
> to restrict options when using one.

My idea is that low level builders would be able of building only
selecting the level of weapons and not be able of setting affections
(newbie builders can really get wild with affections), highere builders
would have more control...

> The method I take for that sort of thing is to have the olc determine a score
> for each obj/mob and make sure the dependant values are within tolerance.
> i.e. A mob with stats of a and affects of b would be worth no more than
> experience x and couldn't have more than y gold. A sanity check for things
> in a way.

Actually both methods could be implemented, to provide for a template to
work on...

> I also am working on a master list of objs/mobs to be used when the builder
> just needs a generic rat.. or mouse.. or sword. This approach simplifies
> balancing the mud I believe, and provides for a large selection of weapons
> that are ordinary.. and still allows the builder to create weapons that
> reflect
> the area's history, etc. Take this all the way down to food, bags, drinks,
> and other generic items and you'll have a cleaner mud in the equipment
> deptartment.

This is a very insteresting idea (I think it is similar to the stubs files
in LostLands), if I can be of help I'd like to contribute (at least
beta-testing only if you plan on releasing the code)...

I'll see myself how to tackle it tho'



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