Re: [CODE][irc colors][Newbie]

From: Jason G. (razm@ASSASSINATION.ORG)
Date: 07/29/97

Shane wrote:

> #> Okay this is really a dumb question but I'm stumped on it (new to
> #> coding) I ported the mud over to irc. Well I am trying to change
> the
> #> color system over to use no color, ansi color, or mirc colors (the
> ansi
> #> and mirc use different color codes) my question is how do I do
> this? I
> #> would like to be able to use the same screen.h (but change it to
> use the
> #> levels) I want to just change the users color (none, sparce,
> normal,
> #> complete) to none, mirc, ansi. And have it just print the code for
> what
> #> they have chosen. If this makes any sence. Anyone out there try
> this
> #> yet?
> #>
>   Ok what I would suggest doing it taking a look at bitchX script
> crackrock.
> Its the only client that supports mirc colors for UNIX. I can email it
> to
> you if you want.

I have all the color codes I just needed to implement them. I figured it
out though. Thanks for the suggestion however :)

Jason G.
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