Re: [NEWBIE] CircleMUD and problems with other programs

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/29/97

> > causing problems is how does CircleMUD interfere with web servers, mail
> > servers, and other communications programs that are running?  On a Windows
> > NT 4.0 server running multiple programs would MUD crashes and general MUD
>  It shouldn't... They say that NT's are smart enough to prevent one
> program from crashing whole system.
        This is true. However, like windows95, one process can lock up the
entire machine - stealing too many cycles, and memory...however, comparing
windows95 multitasking to NT multitasking is like the ELF to an AppleIIe.
Yeah, they both suck, but at least you can play "Moonpatrol" on an

> > use cause problems with the other programs or cause them to crash as well?
> > I have heard all about MUD crashes but I haven't actually seen one and I
> > don't know what it does to the system.  Also, with 32 mb ram and a pentium
> On Linux, you get a nice core file... And that's about it... :)
        A mud crash is simply the actual program dying. Usually it dosen't
affect the rest of the system.

> > pro 200 would the system be slowed down by the MUD?  I would hate for his
> WindowsNT running on machine with 32 megs of ram? *shiver* Brrrr... Mud
> will slow it down a bit... but since it's already like a snail it won't
> show much ;>

        Yes. NT, with 48 megs - running only the microsoft backoffice
webserver, with frontpage extensions causes the screen saver to become
jerky, much less allow you to run other programs. It would very much slow
it down.  Of course, the NT machine i'm refering to is only a p133, but
i've heard tell that NT isn't really happy till you get about 64 megs.

        I really recommend that you gauge the system responsiveness after
running your mud, if you're worried.  Lucky for you that most people web
browsing expect a delay when they connect.. modem users for the most part.


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