Re: Real DB for Circlemud..

Date: 07/30/97

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Here is an idea i have been mulling over for a week or so..

Instead of reinventing the wheel (db.c) and creating an entire database engine
to handle all your mud information, how about just store everything in a real db
like Postgres or similar.  Stick your all your data in there Platyers, objects,
world files.  Retrieval would be a heck of a lot easier than reading ascii files
that you make..  Also with all of the database tools available, you could
suppliment OLC with HTML based world editing that would talk directly to the DB
(Tools to create this stuff are abundant and easy to use..)  I'm thinking about
taking a week or so and converting my pfile system to use a database as sort of
a test run and will let you all know if it works.  Anyway, please make up some
pro/cons for me in case i have not considered something......
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A real DB is a good idea...  been playing with CGI and Sybase SQL at work and it
is wonderful.

pros:   speed
        ease of organization
        ease of editing data

cons:   portabiliy: the DB would need to be free and easy to move between
                systems.  The mud I workd with is known as PhoenixMud for a good
                reason.  It has lost its site about 7-13 times in the past 3-4
                years, and just keeps coming back, rising from the ashes as it
        Learning Curve: Yet another thing to learn,  the joys of SQL!

over all, sounds like an excelent idea though!  good luck

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