Re: [CODE] [HELP] Regarding New Alias drop in code.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/04/97

>         I am trying to install the Alias saving code by Edward Alisay,
> that is based off of the code by Jeremy Hess. Anyways, I put it in exactly
> like the instructions said, however, I keep getting this error
>   In file included from alias.c:19:
>   syntax error before 'socket_t'
>         However, while putting in the code, I did not have to edit the
> struct file at all, and alias.c is the last file to compile, and the error
> did not come up anywhere else.... What am I missing?

        It looks like you might want to check out the file that you're
including in alias.c (line 19).  Make sure that its not duplicating
anything that you've already got, that you've got sysdep.h and whichever
included in your alias.c file.

                Should just be a matter of figuring out what in that
included file is causing the error, and removing it.


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