Re: [CODE] Disregard previous post about Aliases

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/04/97

>         Sorry to spam the list, I found what was wrong with the alias
> code. I forgot to include conf.h and sysdep.h into the Makefile.

        Whoops - guess when you're 5 days behind on the list you tend to
not follow through the threads.. oh well...

> Next time
> I'll wait before posting so hastily.


        After my previous posts about "types" of magic, and futher
thinking, I decided that my magic system needed to be changed a bit more.
I settled on the idea of a sort of customizable magic system, more like
the spell books in the game "arena" (pre-made spells, but also make your
own).  Easy to do really.

        This thought was a bit shortlived - I've now decided upon a
rune-based magic system.  The idea has a few important parts:
        1) runes are items which must be gathered (min level applies, can
be bought/sold/given/dropped, only _x_ number on mud at a time...)
        2) runes cast different spells by combining ("big" rune, and
"lighting" rune, with "shield" rune = greater resist lightning)
        3) Anyone can cast spells with these runes, but the magic-using
classes have advantages + specific mage types have advantages with
specific runes (fire runes..).

        Now, the problem that I'm dealing with is that of balance, and
usability.  Obviously, people are going to have to realize that certain
runes have to be combined with others to work properly.  Not every
combination will create a usable spell ("big" rune + "small" rune +
"poison"...)... and of course, we'll still have to have some
basic/fundamental spells... how would you think one would go about
implementing this?


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