Re: Race and Infravision

From: Simba (simba@MAIL.GATEKEEP.NET)
Date: 08/04/97

>After looking over all the post's I could find on this subject, I
>decided to attack it from a different angle.  I just made a few simple
>mods to the code to allow _most_ non human chars to be able to "cast"
>infra on themselves just as a magic user would be able to do, though
>without having to prac it first. While my code needs a bit of fine
>tuning, it works as intended.     If anyone would like to help test it,
>or just have a look, say so and I'll send you a snippet.  I just don't
>feel it's up to snuff for the list yet.

        Umm... why? All I did was set the AFF_FLAG of AFF_INFRAVISION when the
character's stats are created, either in classes or races. Constant effect
by infravision instantly. Seems to work for me. I even added special
IF-ELSE statement to do_score to indicate it as a special skill.


case RACE_RAKH: /* Rakh race on my MUD */

I haven't tested this, but to my knowledge, it works.

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