Re: Vehicle Code

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 08/15/97

On 8/15/97 3:02 PM, Scott Warren (dswarren@MAIL.CLT.BELLSOUTH.NET) stated:

>Hi all,
>        I would like to put some code on the ftp site but want to ensure
>is included. The code has 3 new "do" commands: look out, sail, and drive.
>Enter and
>Leave are altered to include the new object types. The new objects are:
>SAILBOAT, and CAR (of course you may want to change these). ENTERABLEs can
>be used
>for things like tents and teleporters. CARS and SAILBOATS are so similar
>they probably
>should have been made into one object with a 'terrain type' flag.
>        This is code I created for the now defunct Reims mud and was
>'somewhat' tested. If you are interested in this code, email me. I want
>someone who will offer comments on problems, missing defines (such as that
>posted about the autoquest code),
>and generally helping me make this an easy to implement piece of code before
>I put it
>on the ftp site.
>        Thanks for your help and happy mudding!

Yes, Im interested to see how you did this differently from my original
Vehicles code.

- Chris Jacobson

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