Vehicle Code

From: Scott Warren (dswarren@MAIL.CLT.BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 08/15/97

Hi all,
        I would like to put some code on the ftp site but want to ensure
is included. The code has 3 new "do" commands: look out, sail, and drive.
Enter and
Leave are altered to include the new object types. The new objects are:
SAILBOAT, and CAR (of course you may want to change these). ENTERABLEs can
be used
for things like tents and teleporters. CARS and SAILBOATS are so similar
they probably
should have been made into one object with a 'terrain type' flag.
        This is code I created for the now defunct Reims mud and was
'somewhat' tested. If you are interested in this code, email me. I want
someone who will offer comments on problems, missing defines (such as that
posted about the autoquest code),
and generally helping me make this an easy to implement piece of code before
I put it
on the ftp site.
        Thanks for your help and happy mudding!

Scott Warren the code tinkerer formerly known as Calain.

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