Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 08/16/97

On 8/16/97 3:55 PM, Raelyn Sweebe (destiny@VOYAGER.NET) stated:

>   The best option I see if if players want to make donations set up an
>account with your server as well as a help file for the people who run
>the server, if players want to make donations have them give them
>directly to the admin at the server so the server can improve itself.

Or find someone who simply wants to donate server space :-)

That would be the best way, although very VERY rare.

- Chris Jacobson

PS. I was lucky to have that occur, altho the user 'forgot' to pay his
fee, so I talked to the admin of the system, found out it was really
cheap, and set up there.

PPS if you come to that server I will kill you, its already starting to
get bogged down by the Talkers running there.

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