Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Joshua Mentzer (mentzer@TEXAS.NET)
Date: 08/17/97

   Everyone is probably tired of hearing this discussion, but this is
the first time I've seen it and thought I would throw in some
information that would help.
   I am a pilot, and in becoming a pilot there are quite a few stages
you must go through, from your solo up to and as far as you want to go
really. The next step is private pilot, and another is commercial pilot.

  As a private pilot, it is forbidden, by US law, to accept payment for
your services. So, if you flew people from city to city, you could not
charge them a fee for it, but cost of the trip can be split among
passengers with their content. FAA is pretty strict about these sort of
things, and if it were legal for them to say such donations, as I would
consider the willing split of rental or aircraft fuel fees to be, they
would have done so.


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